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Diesel generator set

Diesel Generator Set

Your operations secured 24/7 with a diesel generator solution.

Diesel generator set: Customized Solutions

Maintaining uptime and performance of critical infrastructure independently of the grid is vital. Diesel generators can be utilized to ensure a continuous flow of production without relying on the main power supply, while also reducing emissions. They play a crucial role in providing uninterrupted power to life support systems like hospitals, as well as maintaining operations in data centers, production sites, energy plants, telecommunications, office buildings, airports, and more.

Interested in a shift from traditional to sustainable fuels? Read about HVO here

EMP Eco Data Center Falun

Case study

EcoDataCenter's Journey to a Custom Emergency Power Solution

Discover an Emergency Power Solution that guarantees:

  • Continuous operations even during grid failures.
  • A facility that is both clean and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Scalability and adaptability for streamlined, cost-effective growth.
  • The potential to leverage fossil-free diesel like HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil).
  • The opportunity to harness and repurpose the generated heat for additional efficiency gains.


Based on your requirements and specifications we create a diesel generator solution from a wide range of standard units. All solutions are based on state-of-the-art technologies and support the highest level of quality throughout the lifecycle of the unit, even under rough ambient conditions.
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Diesel generator sets are available in open, canopy or containerized solutions that can be adapted to operate under various conditions, whether you need them for installation inside a building or outside in a designated area.
value | technology | adaptable to various conditions | power generation
If you have unique specifications such as isolation against extreme cold, limited footprint, noise reduction, emission optimized or even if the unit must be portable, your solution can be individually designed and manufactured accordingly.
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Based on well proven technology, diesel generators can accept large transient load changes without the loss of power during fast regulation of voltage and frequency.
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Diesel generator sets can be combined as multiple units in parallel operation to fit any power demand you require.
Varying placements, transportable

Mobile Solutions

Our 20kVA and 100kVA specially-made mobile generator sets can be used as a stand-alone solution or in parallel mode with other generator sets or the grid. The unit is delivered as standard with a trailer for 30km/h but can also be fitted with a trailer for 80km/h as well as an all-terrain trailer for easy transportation. It can be connected via a TN-S or TN-C connection and can be used for island mode. The generator set is equipped with synchronization equipment and a re-synchronization solution, making it easy to transfer load from the grid and retransfer it back again. This makes the generator set extra suitable for grid owners, energy companies, and service providers who need to deploy a generator set quickly.

The 20 kVA unit is lightweight and can be air-lifted by a helicopter, weighing only 745kg with fuel. As a specially designed mobile solution, it provides a reliable and efficient power source that can be easily transported and used in different locations. With its easy load transfer capabilities, the unit is perfect for emergencies or as a backup power source.

Mobile Solutions


Small, standardized or specially built gensets for outdoor placement

Canopy Solutions

A canopy generator solution encloses a generator system outdoors, providing protection while ensuring efficient operation. This innovative approach provides you with numerous benefits. Firstly, it optimizes space utilization by allowing the generator to be positioned externally, addressing limitations within existing structures. The canopy serves as a protective shield against environmental elements, safeguarding the generator from weather-related damage.
Easy installation is a key advantage, requiring only stable ground for setup. The enclosed design allows convenient access to all necessary cables for repairs and maintenance. As a complete unit, the canopy generator solution simplifies the installation process, needing only the connection of essential cables.
Furthermore, this solution is adaptable, offering a range of generator options from 22 kVA to 3300 kVA, catering to your diverse power needs. Overall, the canopy generator solution provides you with space-efficient, weather-resistant, and easily maintainable power generation solution, enhancing reliability and versatility in diverse settings.
Canopy solution
Outdoor placement, high quality

Containerized Solutions

A containerized generator solution operates by integrating a generator system within a standardized shipping container, providing you with a compact and mobile power generation solution. You can choose from 20 and 40-foot-long standard solutions, but the container can be specially designed in any length, width, and height, to suit your requirements. The generator, control systems, and necessary components are housed within the container, ensuring easy transport and installation. This innovative approach provides you with several benefits. Firstly, mobility and flexibility are enhanced, enabling you to easily relocate the container to different sites as needed.
The containerized design also provides you with security and protection against environmental factors, safeguarding your generator solution from various weather conditions and unauthorized access. Installation is streamlined, requiring minimal on-site assembly. The standardized container design simplifies logistics, reducing your transportation costs and time.

Moreover, containerized generators are scalable, accommodating various power capacities based on your needs. Containerized generator solutions are particularly well-suited for a variety of applications where mobility, flexibility, and rapid deployment are essential, such as construction sites, remote or off-grid locations, events and military operations.


Containerized solutions


Indoor placement, open or specially built

Open Solutions

An open, stationary generator solution operates as a fixed, on-site power generation system. This setup typically involves a stationary generator unit placed in a dedicated location, often enclosed in a protective structure but without the closed containment of a canopy or shipping container. The generator is connected to the electrical system of the facility or site it serves, providing a stable and continuous power supply. You can choose from one small, single unit or several, large units. All units are specially adapted to your specific and conditions, such as noise requirements, space constraints, large fuel tanks, advanced control systems, and more.
Your benefits of an open, stationary generator solution lie in its reliability and efficiency. Being fixed in place allows for seamless integration into your existing infrastructure, ensuring a constant and immediate power source. This is particularly advantageous in critical facilities such as hospitals, data centers, commercial buildings or manufacturing plants where uninterrupted power is paramount.

Maintenance and accessibility are generally straightforward, simplifying routine checks and repairs. This stationary setup ensures long-term stability, making it a valuable asset for various industries and applications.

Open Solutions



Customized Solutions

A customized generator solution is specially tailored to your specific needs and conditions. This involves a thorough design process, considering factors such as power capacity, environmental constraints, noise levels, spatial requirements, and integration with existing infrastructure. The resulting generator, in an open or canopy solution, is a specially designed solution constructed to optimize performance and efficiency in a specifically demanding environment.

Customization allows for seamless integration into diverse applications, such as contractors, for instance, stone crusher and paving, hospitals and data centers to industrial settings and remote locations. Adaptability to specific environmental, regulatory, and operational requirements enhances reliability and longevity. Ultimately, a customized generator solution provides you with tailored, efficient, and reliable power.



BOS Elektromatik EcoDataCenter HVO100

Case study

Reduce Emissions Without Sacrificing Performance

Unlock your potential with:

  • Sustainability: Discover how EcoDataCenter reduces environmental impact with HVO100.
  • Innovation: Learn about the collaboration with Elektromatik and Rolls Royce Power Systems for a future-proof power solution.
  • Efficiency: See how clean energy ensures continuous, efficient operations.
  • Technical Insights: Explore the technical analysis and performance warranties supporting HVO100.
  • Reliability: Understand the benefits of a redundant topology and high-quality products.
  • Expertise: Get insights from EcoDataCenter CTO Mikael Svanfeldt on integrating mtu engines and addressing technical queries.
System Integrator


We offer a comprehensive emergency power solution that is tailored to meet your specific technical needs and requirements. Our primary goal is to ensure that your system runs seamlessly and delivers maximum value in the long run. Interested in learning more about Diesel generator sets? Get in touch with our team of sales and product experts:
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